Zabbix Server Setup on Ubuntu(LNMP)

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Installing Zabbix Server

Zabbix Server Configuration

Search for the following properties and set them accordingly. Some may already be set correctly, and some you may have to add. Choose a password as well:

MySQL Configuration

import database tables;

PHP-FPM Configuration

Search for and adjust the following entries. If they do not exist, add them:

restart php-fpm

Zabbix Configuration

copy the Zabbix-specific php file into the configuration directory:

edit configuration file

Edit the following values. Use the same info as when you set up the database earlier:

Nginx Configuration

add site into Nginx's site-available directory

sample nginx server configuration file:

enable zabbix server

Start Zabbix Service

Go to the bottom and adjust the "START" property to read "yes":

start zabbix service

Front End Configuration

Visit you site use following url

You will be presented with a login screen. The default credentials are as follows:

Login succeed, everything works, congrat!

Bug fix

  • Bug:
  • Fix: Comment out the following line




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